A Quick Guide to Spring Beans

Java beans? Nah Spring beans

What is Spring?

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What is a Spring Bean?


What is a Spring Bean?

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Bean Deep Dive

Bean Scope

<bean id="badassService" class="com.foo.bar" scope="singleton"/>
<bean id="badassService" class="com.foo.bar" scope="prototype"/>
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Bean Life Cycle

Initalization and Destroy using XMLXML:
<bean id="badassService" class="com.foo.bar" scope="prototype"
init-method="intialize" destroy-method="clean"/>
public class Bar{
public void intialize(){
//This is my init method

public void clean(){
//this is my destroy method
<beans default-init-method="intialize">
<bean id="badassService" class="com.foo.bar"></bean>
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Bean Inheritance

<bean id="badassParentService" class="com.foo.bar"></bean>
<bean id="badassChildService" class="com.foo.childBar" parent="badassParentService"></bean>


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